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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Have a Nice Day

He's baack...
And now he's taking names,
kickin' it all along the firing spree.
This is not a test... test, test. Gone.
Freakazoid-a-palooza, gone bye-bye as well.
No Resistance now among those giving
Kansas City a bad name.
Paraphrased with the "Oops I did it" and
now it's deja vu all over again.
Legendary with the power of a justifiable
contract, allowing full access,
the almighty final say.
Dispensed comings and goings, although
well scripted to fit the format,
to fit the rumors,
all expectations of the masses.
So easy to predict and outcome and there is
no challenge to second guess the next event,
the lost composure of the close-ups and centered
or the exact words out of his mouth
only seconds before they're spoken.
No challenge there, yet such a popular choice,
makes it that much more worthwhile
and no less entertaining.

(Deep thoughts about professional wrestling? How bizarre.)

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