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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Rock and Roll rants and a Daily Grind

Last night their new video showed up on some MTV countdown, and I thought: Well, I'll give them one more chance at redemption... The song started out decent enough. But then the lead singer opened his mouth and that awful, unnatural sound came out. I couldn't turn the volume down fast enough. Can you guess by now it was Coheed and Cambria? That was just wrong... Damm...

One of our cats, Pablo has sinus alergies and has been sneezing up a storm lately, very productive sneezes. Last night I dreamed I was awakened by one of his sneezing fits, that ended up all over what it was he happened to be facing at the time. That's just wrong... Damn...

A little stressful at work these past few days, what with Black Friday and a healthy dose of hostility from one of the relief kennel techs. I've been getting nice little notes of complaint from the day previous - I didn't tell her that one of the dogs is getting different food. Really I can understand the concern about that, I'll have to remember to forward those messages from the beginning of the week, since she's only working weekends. But the other stuff... I left some mop water in a bucket and she had to dump it... the dirty towels were backed up. Actually they were clean but not dry (because the dryer takes so long... I left bowls of food in some of the cages (because some of the animals were'nt finished eating.) Apparently this causes more work for her, and I might be able to see the annoyance if these were things I continually do, but to cause such a stink about it the first time it happens is a little trivial, I thought... I guess its a never mind about all the stuff I did do, which has a higher priority, in my opinion. Other than that, it's been going ok... very busy yesterday afternoon especially... the season is in full swing. We've been showing dogs right and left. Always a good thing. A lot of them have been going home. It's kind of sad though, especially if its one of them that's been there a while - but that's business.

Friday, November 25, 2005

The season of uber commercialism has snuck up on us again, folks... Today is Black Friday so let's all get out there and spend money we don't have on things we don't need... and don't forget to be as annoying as possible and rude to each other in the process. That goes double for all you retail clerks out there as well.. wouldn't want you to miss out on all the fun, now would we?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Let This Be A Memory

Between what is right and what is easy
let the feeling pour like steam from
my coffee mug, let steps apart fall out
to chill the lateness of morning

where a quarter-filled parking lot
manages to settle under the naked branches
of one tree, the full dying coat of another.
Where is purpose for the day?

Should there be anger at the core of this
near tangible psychic onslaught channeled
through the eve of exhaustion, that may be
intentional though chance has proven before
it is not.

Let it go then, exist for its own sake, let
it turn in on itself eventually burning
out to its holder's relief,
this pitiful timing.

Monday, November 21, 2005

I have a question for all you folks out there in the stratosphere, blog-o-sphere, or just within reading distance of this post.

If there was a disaster in your area and you had to evacuate, and the local authorities told you that wherever you're going your pets wouldnt be accepted.... would you leave your pets behind, stay with them, or try to sneak them in with you anyway?

Apparently there are still hundreds of unclaimed pets from New Orleans in shelters and foster programs. I happened to catch an excellent show on PBS last night on the huge animal rescue operation caused by hurricane Katrina.
Katrina Animal Rescue

Just thought I'd pose the question, I'd be interested to know what the opinion is from different areas around the country. And just for the record... I could never bring myself to leave any of my pets behind to fend for themselves.

Friday, November 18, 2005

There's one in every crowd, some lawsuit-happy, bible-thumping voice of authority who thinks he's doing the world a service by quibbling over necessary measures. This time its an evangelical Christian high school civics teacher who's teamed up with the ACLU to fight Tampa Bay's NFL security policy to pad down sports fans upon entering the stadium. He claims this is an extreme violation of his Constitutional rights. http://www.tampatrib.com/FloridaMetro/MGBKXEVWREE.html
I would like to know the consensus of opinion among you folks out there... Remember, these are much different times than when the Constitution was first drawn.

Too politically correct? I say kudos to the makers of American Girl dolls, who've designed their toys to reflect a collective role of women in history and culture... all the way up to the present day, including this newest flak - addressing the abortion issue. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/11/16/earlyshow/main1046828.shtml?CMP=OTC-RSSFeed&source=RSS&attr=TheEarlyShow_1046828
This is reality. The times, they've already changed.

Has anyone been following the news about the two Pennsylvania teens who were caught in Indiana after the boyfriend had killed the girlfriend's parents?

T.O. and the Eagles. Don't get me started! What a jerk, enough said.

The weather here has turned bitter... Oh I supposed in all reality it's not that bad, but when you consider the temp was 70 two days ago and now down to 20, it can certainly seem that way... the wind was a little brisk on the way to work yesterday morning. I just have to remind myself that last winter, I treked 45 minutes to work every morning in sub-zero conditions... Hey, I did it then, I can do it now. Lol!

Work is going good... I love my job. I repeat, I love my job! :D I've gotten the routine down pretty well by now, and look forward to the start of the day when I can wish each puppy and kitten a "good morning!" Don't get me wrong, it's still very much a challenge but at least now I know pretty much what the hell I'm doing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Behind Clouds or Fog

I'm waiting for words
to tumble down from the sky
along with the forecast of rain.

And while the leaves are
lifting from trees like birds
fleeing on the wind from the
unspoken threat of a harsh

the breeze here still unseasonably
warm, as strong as it is...
stars are visible, intermittant
behind clouds or fog.

What is there to think of
at 4 a.m.
before coffee, while waiting
for that dark aroma that never

Hazy mind this early in the half-light
of a balcony taking in the refreshing
wind of this mid-November, too warm
undercover, half asleep yet unable
to sleep, and I welcome the coolness
of here...

What goes through your mind while staring
at the flowers I still call my mother's
geraniums 'cause that was her thing -
marveling at how they've survived so
late in the season, still blooming new
some two months beyond the anniversary
of her death.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Lifting the shadows that once
hid his face so completely from
my eyes, I'm still thankful
at what's been shown, still
struck in wonder at those
things tucked away so deep.

What longing he brings when
he glides into my vision
at night, stepping seamless
through my dreams guiding
them along the way with
his breathing
full of sleep beside me.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Where the sliver moves through trees
even streetlights cannot overpower
its presence...

You can wait until dark
to capture something rare
from the breeze that surrounds you,
where something silver moves
through trees.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I woke up a bit later than usual this morning.. and I still feel a little sleepy but restless at the same time, as if I'm forgetting something I need to do right away.. Maybe its anticipation for the new position, starting Tuesday. I want to do well, but nervous that I'll fall behind during the day for some reason.. I know that'll make for an even longer day, but I wouldn't want to leave until everything is done...

I'm glad I don't live in Philly; the Septa (public transit) workers had a major falling out with the company, and walked out. They've been on strike since Halloween, and from the looks of things, it could go on like this indefinitely. So you have people who normally depend on the busses, elevated rails and subways to get to work and school, chaotically scrambling to get where they need to go... rememinds me of that commercial where some Rasta guy's stuck in traffic...
"Aw, mon... it is to-taal gridlock!"

The weather here this weekend has been incredible, a nice Indian Summer. A little fog earlier this morning, but burning off quickly. And I can see a lot of people have been taking full advantage of the weather, it's been so nice. Yesterday we walked down to Target for household stuff and it was really good to be able to relax and take time to enjoy the trip there, not rushing to get out of the chill. Also picked up some extras... found some neat little socks, with cat designs... reminds me of dun laoughaire, lol. Robert picked up a couple of flannel shirts, and I found a pair of nail clippers for the cats. Got home and tried them out first on Pablo, one paw at a time. Somewhere inbetween he tried his usual trick of jumping, then hanging on the balcony screen door, and we noticed he was only hanging by one foot, unable to get a grasp with his other. Robert thought he was swatting at one of the ladybugs that have recently made their annual appearance... but the truth is he just couldn't grip like before. So that effectively puts an end to him destroying the screen, lol.

Last night we put in a DVD of Korn live at CBGB's, totally amazing. I had forgotten how much I used to like them... still do, really. A piece of music history, not everybody gets to play there, especially nowadays, when I hear the owner wants to tear it down... After that we put in a Thrice DVD from back in August.. interviews mostly and a few songs... I sadly admit I fell asleep in the middle of it. Some habits are hard to break, I guess... I was just extremely tired.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Shades of Changing Seasons

These geraniums still bloom red
and honey bees circle the rim
of my coffee cup even now as the
orange and jaundiced gold signal
change, mingle with those many
unrelenting still hangin' out
with the ones who think they're
still fresh, with all the time
in the world.

These days approach like some
reverse El Nino;
just as I round the corner
they are heard before seen,
gathered at their favorite
meeting place in the parking lot
of a nearby furniture outlet...

If I could interpret Goose-speak
they would be discussing the easiest
path of migration, "should we prove
uber-motivation and actually fly, or
wait till they open up this place and
demand a discount on one of those
magic carpets imported from India?"