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Monday, July 12, 2010

Parvo Puppies in Dire Need

I have posted this all over my Facebook page:
This is a chip-in for my very dear friend Sherrie Brinn Green in Cape May, NJ. Last night she found out the litter of puppies she rescued recently from Robeson County, NC animal shelter has Parvo, after rushing the two most dire pups to an after-hours emergency vet clinic who told her that it would cost $2500 per pup...py to keep and fully treat them. Since she didn't have the money, she took them back home, after these two got injections and some meds. First thing this morning she called her regular vet to find out how much it would be to treat them there. After hours of waiting for a return call, she called them again and was told her regular vet would not treat them, as Parvo is an extremely contagious virus. She is now left on her own to save these puppies. Home remedies and some good advice, along with other meds she has to administer on her own. Some of these meds aren't cheap. If you have it in your heart, please try and help these puppies. They're refusing to eat or drink... they will not last much longer without treatment. 

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Anonymous said...

She needs to go to www.ambertech.com and download their free Self Help Guide located on the upper left side of the screen under the paw print. It will help her stabilize the puppies for a bit- they also have products that work against parvo. I have used the Parvaid and the Vibactra Plus before on my own dog and it pulled her out of parvo. Some vets are now recommending it because it is the best thing to use for at home care.