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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Two Douchebags Alert: Pensacola, FL

This was posted by one of my friends on Facebook:

2 Dogs STARVED TO DEATH in Crates in Garage 6/22/2010
By Laura Catterton
2 photos
Pensacola, FL ~2 DOGS STARVED TO DEATH IN CRATES IN GARAGE 6/22! OMG! I went to the Escambia Co. Sheriff's Office this morning to get the police reports, not knowing the details of why 2 people were arrested for Third Degree FELONY Animal Cruelty Charges. I was horrified to read the report. From the police report: “As we exited our vehicles and began to approach the house we smelled a strong odor that seemed to be emanating from the house….I shined my flashlight inside (the garage) and observed 3 wire kennels and inside two of them I observed what appeared to be 2 dead and decomposing dogs. One of the animals had been decomposed to the point that I was able to see bare ribs.”
Please contact the media about this if you can.
Court Record for Lauren Carr:
Court Record for Kenneth Williams:

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