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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are You Friggin' KIDDING Me?

Hey, this is to the editors of the Philadelphia Daily News who gave their photographers and graphics department the OK to run today's front page headline. A picture of Vick on the field with the words "Top Dog" superimposed in bold letters. You sensationalist pieces of pond scum. You knew taking this action would infuriate the animal lovers in this city, that your take on this would be viewed as a completely insensitive slap in the face, a totally tasteless commentary on the state of "athletes" these days. You KNEW we would be furious, and you decided to trample all over our ideals anyway. Well, screw you and your publication.. I will never shell out my money for your paper, not that I did to begin with - you've just effectively guaranteed no future sales as far as I'm concerned.
Andy Reid is an idiot -  Micheal Vick is a felon, a criminal who repeatedly tortured, fought and killed dogs over a span of several years. Yes, he did his time for that.. But he doesn't deserve the accolades these rabid Eagles fans have been giving him. And for you, the crazed football hicks in this city who keep telling me "he deserves a second chance, he did his time, let it go." You, who can't seem to get the facts straight when you tell me he was never found guilty of actually laying a hand on any of those dogs, while it's been public knowledge he admitted to doing just that (only after his friends gave him up.)  To you, I give an epic middle finger... I flip you the biggest bird you've ever seen. Indeed Michael Vick is the equivalent of that - Philly's biggest flipped bird, not the "top dog" everyone's been making him out to be.

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