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Friday, January 23, 2004

"It's not television... it's H2O." I was channel surfing last night and happened onto a preview of the new shows on cable. The Sopranos start up again sometime in March, it sure has been awhile. I wish they'd put def Poetry Jam back on, been awhile for that too. A documentary next week also, HBO: America Undercover - Shelter Dogs... I even penciled it in on my calendar, I think I may even record it.

Our department at the hospital has survived the changeover, so far. The new CEO is supposed to arrive sometime next month, and there have been quite a few cosmetic upgrades to coincide. As far as detary dept., things in the cafeteria had started out pretty good at first, but everything is now so over priced I'm wondering how long it will take before everyone starts bringing their lunch instead of having to pay those outrageous prices. Even the old standbys that were always the most inexpensive; I ask you, how many people would be willing to have a small bowl of soup for $4. Also, (and this is going to be the worst, I think) The housekeepers have always gotten their drinks for no charge. For me, it's my coffee. But I think that's the next thing, they're gonna start charging us for our coffee, this could very well start a revolt, hahaha.
New management has been in place for a little over a week now. The only thing I really have to say about that is the opportunity for "teamwork" is nearly nonexistent. What is so wrong about letting a "project person" go help with patient rooms or dismissals when help is needed? We're still so shorthanded as it is, and the workload has doubled for nearly everyone. Discouraging teamwork is just plain stupidity.... just my opinion, here.

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