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Monday, August 01, 2005

Welcome to a new month already... We are breezing into the heart of summer, and although its foggy and a little cool this morning, the moment won't last long before temps reach the 90s. So now we go past the weather report and onto the next order of the day... I found a clever way to clean my computer monitor.. go to this link, check it out. You'll love it or die laughing... or both!

-- This is VERY cute!
Clean your monitor . This is very clever! It really works!!
I noticed that my monitor was not quite as clear as when we first got it. Apparently the electrons build up on the inside of the screen with time, and the picture deteriorates. I found a free program that I used to 'clean' the inside of the screen
and the improvement was quite noticeable. I highly recommend it. If you'd like to try it, simply click on the following link.
The program is free, works automatically, and takes only about 45 seconds to do its job.

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