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Saturday, July 30, 2005

I can't believe it's nearly August already.... we have already breezed through over half the summer and this past month has gone by way too fast. It's been a busy one with the animals at the Pet Shoppe and here at home; We've had some new litters with three of the guinea pigs and one of the rabbits had babies a couple of weeks ago. Everyone that comes through the back room nowadays heads straight to the bunnies..."Oh they're the cutest things in the world!" We had been worried that since it was her first litter, she wouldn't nurse, but she's doing much better than exoected, they're all thriving tremendously. One of them is a runt, the little guy was born with only one ear... and right away everybody's putting dibs on him to take him home once he's old enough, lol. Robert's been to see them once, before they'd opened their eyes, and I've been trying to get him back to the store to see how much they've grown - they're growing up fast, that's for sure!
And the conure, the one that's been driving everybody crazy with his eating habits, or more precisely, the lack thereof. Up till recently he's not been cooperating with our efforts to wean him off the formula mix... seemed satisfied to just let us keep handfeeding him (spoiled little brat) and totally ignoring the seed and dried fruit we set down for him... Last Monday he really gave me a scare. When I came in, he was huddled facing the corner of his cage, barely able to make a sound, couldn't stand, unable to hold his head up he was so weak... so I panicked and called the first person I could think of, one of the managers... by the time the owner came in, the little guy still couldn't take food... so he gave him some Enervite, which is a concentrated sugar solution for an energy boost, and that got him at least to where he was strong enough to eat something. And by the end of the day he was looking much better. So, I guess in the next few days he figured since he almost died from not eating, he finally started taking some of the seed on his own. Well... its about damn time! He really scared the hell out of me that day.. looked like he was gonna die on me any second.
As for the animals at home, it's been a busy month (and expensive) all starting with taking Sock in to the vet to get him fixed... they also noticed some irregularities from his bloodwork - so inbetween follow-ups and getting his shots current, Taz came down with a fever and just felt lousy there for a while... not eating, kinda glassy-eyed, and just basically hiding out from everbody... So its been Sock and Taz to the vet's all month it seems like. I'm just glad the little guy, Pablo hasn't gotten sick. Although, he's been having these sneezing-coughing attacks occasionally, but it doesn't seem to be slowing him down any... he's still terrorizing the other two the way he always has, lol.
With all this, I haven't written much and I've been kind of away from the groups.. its just been a hectic month.. Hope that now things have calmed down some, I'll feel more like writing... Just last night I had all these ideas in my head. Unfortunately it was right when I was trying to fall asleep and too tired and lazy to get back up and write 'em down. Let's just see if I can remember any of them, shall we? Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it, lol.

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