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Thursday, December 22, 2005

So I'm walking home from work tonight, near the last intersection I have to cross... and I pass this guy on the sidewalk. Even from a distance he seems to be saying something (to himself?) But as I get closer I hear he's doing some kind of rap, but its not rhyming, so it has to be a poem... a def poem, maybe. But he's all into it and keeps right on going even as I pass. Come to think of it, it sounded a little like Poetri. Who knows? What would Poetri be doing walking the sidewalks of Cherry Hill two days before Christmas? Lol!
I've been extremely busy at the Pet Shoppe the past two weeks. We've been selling dogs right and left... omg, keeping up with all those dogs! The big dogs wear me out, they're so heavy... 30 plus pounds is one thing by itself, but when the weight is unwilling to be picked up and squirming around, its another thing altogether... But I swear some of them have an extremely high intelligence. I struggled with the Akita trying to get him on the scale to get his weight recorded and when it was all over, he didn't want to come back to his cage, instead wanted me to chase him... so I threw up my hands, "I don't have any more energy left, now." And he looked at me like he knew exactly what I was saying.
From now on when I weigh the big dogs, I've decided the scale's going on the floor. It works it theory, anyway. Today the Great Dane was just as goofy as always... got her on the scale, but then she'll lean to one side. When I finally get her to sit straight, I pulled away. And she immediately fell right over, and then sprawled out on the floor for a belly rub. Geez, the longer they're there, the harder it is for me when someone finally comes to take them home. But, that's business.
There's been sinus headaches, allergies, and a bit of the flu bug going around. I think I may have had a touch of it this past week. Just a complete run-down feeling, where all I want to do is go home and sleep... and I signed on to work half a day Christmas... what was I thinking?

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