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Sunday, December 04, 2005

This morning marks the first actual snow of the season here in the east. When I go outside I can still hear the edges of crystalization hitting the surface or colliding with each other in mid-air. It won't last long, its scheduled to turn to rain later on in the day. But the major one will be here Monday night... That should be an interesting trek to work Tuesday morning. At least I'll be able to say I can always get to work, I won't be dealing with skidding into a ditch and getting stuck along the way, haha. Only thing I have to worry about is being the pedestrian getting hit by an out-of-control driver who's unable to stop. Other than that, it should be fine!

I stayed up late last night to watch SNL, my daughter said I had to watch for the host, Dane Cook... I caught most of it then fell asleep sometime after the Weekend Update. It goes with the territory of being such a morning person, I guess.

The Pet Shop has been busy, at least it was yesterday. We sold both Labs, and the Shih-tzu... the labs went home together, which I'm glad for, they're from the same litter and it just seemed an added bonus to keep them together. However, they must have been anticipating the change in scenery and schedule, and the resulting nervousness made them a little more productive in the plumbing dept. Translation: they were two of the most shittin-est dogs I've seen since I've been working there.

Well the holidays are fast approaching. I'm sure there are loads of you out there more ready for it that I am. Its all kind of snuck up on me this year. I am doing my baking this weekend though... That means if you're on my list, you'll be getting a cookie package soon!

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I much enjoyed my stroll through your blog...nice.