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Sunday, August 17, 2008

BS Haters and PA Kennel Dogs Shot Execution Style

Ok, first there's YouTube still not checking the content on flagged videos. An animal welfare friend of mine has been getting her videos flagged by haters on a regular basis. Her videos have always been a show of support of large breed dog owners, showcasing how gentle a breed Rottweilers are, when treated right. YouTube administrators tell her that one more complaint will get her account suspended. If they were doing their job, they would see those flags as unfounded. She's leaving the site on her own now, disillusioned... and the haters win again.

Saw this on the news this morning. Pennslyvania's Governor Ed Rendell wants to change an antiquated law that allowed two sick individuals to shoot 80 of their kennel dogs in eastern PA because a state inspector told them to treat the dogs for flea and fly bites, make sure the cages had solid flooring and to allow better ventilation for the facility because heat was a problem too. Instead of fixing the problem, doing repairs and taking the dogs to the vet, as RECOMMENDED by the inspector, the Zimmerman brothers shot a total of 80 dogs in two of their kennels.

Also, if you live in Pennsylvania, I strongly urge you to openly support Gov. Rendell's call for this much needed change regarding treatment of animals kept in kennels.

Info on HB 2525

Aug. 12, 2008 Department of Agriculture

Commonwealth News Bureau

Room 308, Main Capitol Building

Harrisburg, PA 17120

CONTACT: Chris L. Ryder

(717) 787-5085


Current Law Allows Commercial Breeders to Shoot Dogs

HARRISBURG - Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Dennis Wolff released the following statement in response to the shooting of 80 dogs at two Berks County kennels:

“The recent shooting of 80 dogs at two Berks County kennels is saddening. The decision by commercial breeders to kill healthy dogs instead of paying to repair a kennel and seek veterinary care is alarming, and will likely outrage many people. Unfortunately, the killing of the dogs was legal under current Pennsylvania law.

“The two kennels involved have both voluntarily closed, but until our state’s outdated dog law is changed kennel owners may continue to kill their dogs for any reason they see fit, even if it is simply to save money. We can’t afford to wait any longer to pass legislation that would ban commercial kennel owners from killing their dogs.

“House Bill 2525, introduced in May, would allow only veterinarians to euthanize dogs in commercial breeding kennels. The bill would strengthen current dog laws and provide better standards for the health and safety of dogs in commercial breeding kennels without burdening other types of kennels that house dogs. The legislature has an opportunity to pass this important legislation this fall, and they should -- as doing so will assure that this activity will be illegal in PA commercial breeding kennels moving forward."

Rather than seek medical attention for dogs suffering from fleas and fly sores, kennel owners Ammon and Elmer Zimmerman of Kutztown shot all 80 of their dogs to save costs. The Zimmermans, owners of A&J Kennel and E&A Kennel, voluntarily surrendered their licenses on July 29 after killing the dogs.

Dog wardens inspected E&A Kennel on July 24, noting several violations for kennel sanitation and maintenance. Wardens also noted fleas and fly sores on 39 of the dogs and ordered veterinary checks. Wardens issued four citations for violations and planned to confirm the veterinary checks during a follow-up inspection. The wardens were notified on July 29 that the owners of both kennels chose to destroy the dogs and dismantle the kennels.

For more information on House Bill 2525, visit www.DogLawAction.com.

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