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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Must See TV Show

           This Sunday, Get The Real Truth About The Michael Vick Case  

"I want to apologize." "I take full responsibility for my actions." "Those things just didn't have to happen."

—Michael Vick, former football star sentenced to 23 months in federal prison on charges in connection with a dog fighting operation on his property in Virginia

The sentence may have been handed down, but the concern and questions still remain. What happened to the dogs seized in the case? How did Vick get involved in this underworld?

Many of these questions will be answered this Sunday night during "Animal Witness: The Michael Vick Case," the premiere episode of Animal Planet's new series on animal forensics. The one-hour show offers an in-depth look at Vick and exposes the hidden world of dog fighting—and for the first time on national television, lead investigator Bill Brinkman talks about the inner workings of the case.

The episode will also feature interviews with Dr. Melinda Merck, ASPCA Forensic Veterinarian, and Officer Annemarie Lucas, Supervisory Special Investigator, ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement. As reported in ASPCA News Alert, the ASPCA worked closely with federal authorities at every step of the case, first assisting in forensic examinations and later leading behavior evaluations of the seized dogs.

"Animal Witness: The Michael Vick Case" airs at 10:00 P.M. EST this Sunday, August 24; please note, the episode does feature footage from underground dog fighting videos—viewer discretion is advised. 


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