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Saturday, June 13, 2009

So how was YOUR day?

I'm getting to where I really hate working on Saturdays. Come to think of it, I'm really starting to hate the place I work more and more these days - A little more on that a bit later.
The day started out ok when I left the house, caught the first bus to the El. It was even ok on the train - till I got to Center City. I hadn't taken even five steps toward the Dunkin Donuts for my favorite coffee, when someone I passed on the sidewalk says "Hey, you got an extra cigarrette?" I gave him the one I was smoking and let him think it was my very last one - like the guilt is really gonna kill somebody like that. Then after getting my coffee, and was heading back out the door to the bus stop, this lady comes in and right away hits me up for 50 cents. I pull out a bunch of change... then she says "You got a dollar?" No effin' way - "I gave ya 50 cents." I've really had it. I'm sick of these assholes thinking people like me owe them $1.50 just because they happen to see me in a place of business. Let them commute two effin' hours and spend $10 a damn day just to get back and forth to work.
It didn't get much better from there either. When I got into work, there was a nice little note waiting for me from the evening kennel tech. "I cleaned the kitten cages, the ones that were in holding. I also cleaned their ears, which were very nasty. PLEASE clean their ears again tomorrow and clean them more often in the future." ..... Like I don't? Get f-in' real. I do more in one hour than this girl does her entire shift. I've worked continuous circles around her the entire four years I've been there. I've seen her sit down on the the sales floor (not on a chair or anything, mind you, but the actual floor) at the beginning of her shift because she was "tired." I know for a fact that when she disappears and nobody can find her, she's hiding out in the bathroom playing a handheld video game or talking on her cell phone. She's illiterate, she can't spell and what notes she does write make little or no sense at all. I struggled with deciphering the syntax of the above-mentioned note for twenty minutes before I could eventually figure out what she was actually trying to say. I know that if she put as much energy into doing her job as she does thinking of ways to get out of doing any work, she might actually get something done.
Add this to the cheapness factor, the miscommunications, the bug-eyed responses whenever I ask a simple question, the self-absorbed mentality, the tunnel vision, the bottom line and all the other crap I'm sick of putting up with... I'm soooo ready to just walk right the hell out. Everyday I go in I tell myself - this might just be the day.

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