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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Am I ranting? (Language)

Am I ranting? Fuck yes... and I have every right to.

I'd like to let it be known that my reason for leaving my place of employment wasn't seen in a good light by the person I had the conversation with. I was asked to give A reason, so I gave the latest of many reasons. When asked to elaborate, I was cut short. Nothing new there, I expected as much.

During several prior and subsequent conversations it was repeatedly brought up that my company loyalty was lacking. Excuse me? One wants to question company loyalty, one needs to take into consideration the fact that not very damn many people would spend a 4-hour daily commute and $200 a month in bus fare just to get back and forth to work for the better part of a year. No where else, just to and from work. If I wanted to go anywhere else, I'd have to either walk or pay extra fare.

Company loyalty? In five years, I only called out once.. And that was because I stressed out to the max with an effin' migrain because of what all was going on.

Let it also be known that it was not my decision to leave one week short of my two-week notice. I was told to leave the day I asked for the next day off. It shouldn't matter what the reason was. It could have been for anything from a doctor's appointment, to some personal emergency. The point is, I could have taken the lazy way and just called out the next morning. Instead I took the high road and tried to give some kind of notice for it. For that I was told that it was the last straw.

Last Straw?

I've put up with plenty of "last straws." Let's see, there were the several times I was left nasty personal notes in the log book, all the times I pointed out unnecessary risks being taken in the workplace, all the times I came to someone in authority with a legitimate concern, only to be told that it's trivial personal bullshit. The times I've offered a solution to a problem that would have meant out-of-pocket expense to myself - again, only to be told that they misunderstood what I was saying. And isn't it funny that to another person standing there, having heard the entire conversation, what I said made perfect sense. I find that very interesting.

A "Last Straw" comes to mind when I went to verify some procedure that wasn't the regular practice, during a particularly busy time of day. I was completely cut short, talked down to, and later screamed at because "I was questioning someone's position." I would like to let it be known that Let it be known that every single day at work I've given 110% but on this particular day I gave 120% effort to help them prepare for an event. For that I deserved to be screamed at?

Excuse me, anyone else would have walked out long before that. But I didn't. And yet they cite "loyalty" or "personal dislike" or "not being able to keep my opinion to myself" or any number of things they might want to come up with.

The point is, one can only cut corners for so long before one hangs one's self with one's own rope. The reality is (its like an old friend always told me) "Greed'll get 'em every time."

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Stephen B said...

I'll wish you success in finding a new and better job. I was surprised you stuck with that one so long (though I reckon the animals had something to do with it!).