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Monday, September 24, 2012

Blog makeover

I'm revamping my blog, after deciding that's its been ignored long enough. The templates and design will probably go through several changes before I settle on a look I really like.

Facebook is one thing... easy to post news articles, petitions, chip-ins for rescues and whatnot. But I don't feel I have the space and the immediacy runs too fast to go into any detail about anything other than the most urgent info.

This blog used to be about poetry, and if you scroll down far enough its there. It's all still there - and probably always will be. Who knows? I may get Poetri or Beau Sia inspired again and  spew the written word all over the place, lol. 

This also has the feel of some time warped forward from some horror genre novelist... at  least it does for me, dear reader. Speaking of which - I. Can't. Wait. For the new season of the Walking Dead. Who's with me on this?  Begins next month. Just in time for Halloween, don't cha just love it?

As for the near future of this blog, A focus on animal welfare. Photography - probably pics of dogs I've groomed, my own dogs, and random interesting photos of the area. That and opinion. Unfiltered, blunt, uncensored opinion on things I'm passionate about. It's my blog, I can rant if I want to. 

I'm due for a vacation. It's five days away, and then I get two weeks to myself. Then start at the new location. The same one I wanted since before I even started at the company.
Funny thing about that transfer. It took me getting robbed at gunpoint while waiting for my bus for them to take me seriously. Even so, transfers don't happen overnight, so I've taken steps. I can now literally kick the shit out of anybody else who tries to take my shit - and leave a lasting impression.
A new meaning to the name "Baileykix" wouldn't you agree?

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