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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Firm believer in Eye For An Eye

Michael Aaron Hughes
Aka: Mr. Potato Head
Evansville man accused of attacking dog with an ax: Police say after 6:00 p.m. Sunday night they were called to a home in the 1700 block of East Illinois Street. They say they found the dog injured, and the suspect locked behind a bedroom door.

This happened in Indiana last weekend. A rural neighborhood where they sometimes let their dogs run loose. Although I'm against the practice, that is not this issue in this story.
This issue is unprovoked animal cruelty. I'm guessing that if they look a little further, they'd probably find domestic abuse there too. The attack was against the girlfriend's dog. What's the fastest way to get back at someone during an argument? Hurt something they love. It happens all the time. The monster takes out his frustration on his wife, his girlfriend, his partner... pretty soon that's not enough so they move on to the kids. Or if there are no kids, the dog or cat, or any other family pet.
That should be a total DEALBREAKER to victims of abuse. Don't feel sorry for him, don't give him a second chance, third chance, fourth or fifth chance. They'll never stop. "Once you raise a finger to anyone or any creature, you are out of here for good."  That should be the stance victims take.  If I was in her shoes, they'd probably have to stop me from going after that guy with his own axe. It's never been a secret I have zero tolerance for anybody that messes with kids or pets - in so many families, they're one in the same.
In case you're wondering, the injuries shown in the photo were sustained during the scuffle when the suspect was resisting arrest.

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