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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Rock and Roll rants and a Daily Grind

Last night their new video showed up on some MTV countdown, and I thought: Well, I'll give them one more chance at redemption... The song started out decent enough. But then the lead singer opened his mouth and that awful, unnatural sound came out. I couldn't turn the volume down fast enough. Can you guess by now it was Coheed and Cambria? That was just wrong... Damm...

One of our cats, Pablo has sinus alergies and has been sneezing up a storm lately, very productive sneezes. Last night I dreamed I was awakened by one of his sneezing fits, that ended up all over what it was he happened to be facing at the time. That's just wrong... Damn...

A little stressful at work these past few days, what with Black Friday and a healthy dose of hostility from one of the relief kennel techs. I've been getting nice little notes of complaint from the day previous - I didn't tell her that one of the dogs is getting different food. Really I can understand the concern about that, I'll have to remember to forward those messages from the beginning of the week, since she's only working weekends. But the other stuff... I left some mop water in a bucket and she had to dump it... the dirty towels were backed up. Actually they were clean but not dry (because the dryer takes so long... I left bowls of food in some of the cages (because some of the animals were'nt finished eating.) Apparently this causes more work for her, and I might be able to see the annoyance if these were things I continually do, but to cause such a stink about it the first time it happens is a little trivial, I thought... I guess its a never mind about all the stuff I did do, which has a higher priority, in my opinion. Other than that, it's been going ok... very busy yesterday afternoon especially... the season is in full swing. We've been showing dogs right and left. Always a good thing. A lot of them have been going home. It's kind of sad though, especially if its one of them that's been there a while - but that's business.

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