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Monday, January 30, 2006

Silliness... as conversations go.

Laura H: ive got the hiccups
Laura H: grr
baileykix: I posted a comment, didn't i? thought i did.. I love that bulletin!
Laura H: oh idk let me check
Laura H: looks like u did
Laura H: u left a comment about my background
baileykix: check your myspace inbox then
Laura H: i did
Laura H: ah oh well lol
baileykix: i posted something about the bulletin.... somewhere. I know i did!
Laura H: im gonna go..lol my hiccups are killin me
baileykix: BOO!
Laura H: z;fdklngad'fkg
Laura H: dont do that lol
baileykix: lol
Laura H: have a good day
baileykix: really.. LOL. You too.
Laura H: byee byee
baileykix: byeee

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