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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Beyond all acceptance

Beyond Belief
Well, there was the time she happened to mention how she "trained" puppies not to try and jump out of the top cages: by slapping them. Then there was the time she said she was refusing to handfeed a puppy who wasn't eating on his own because she "didn't have time." (she was told to MAKE time.) Or the time she failed to secure one of the cages and a pug fell out and wandered through the back storeroom before finally settling to sleep in an open locker. Luckily, the fall didn't hurt him, but it could have been much worse. How 'bout all the times she wasn't holding puppies correctly and they fell out of her hands? Or all the times she acted like it was beneath her to handfeed a puppy with a low appetite? Should I mention the trivial laziness? The art of getting by on the barest minimum effort possible? The lying when confronted about any of the above? Never mind the fact that she leaves nasty little comments in the daily log book. The latest one read "I hate you" from last week. The fact that she leaves her work undone for the next shift is nothing compared to the latest incident.

We have a maltese-bichon mix who for some reason won't eat the regular food, so I'd found a good alternative for his appetite. At the time it happened to be kitten food. When a puppy won't eat, I consider it a major sucess to find something he will take to. As always, I entered thorough notes and specific instructions in the log book. Marked down feeding times and weights every half hour because I happen to actually give a shit about these dogs. Perhaps I wrongly assumed that my notes would be read and instructions would be followed, because when I came in at my regular time yesterday morning this dog was totally crashing. I did some immediate action by giving him Enervite, some applesauce, gatorade, water... inbetween massaging to bring him back around. It took me an hour of constant attention to finally get him to where he was alert.

Later I told my boss all this and showed him my notes from the previous day, and her nearly non-existent notes the following shift, which stated nothing about this particular puppy. He said he'd talk to her about it.

Excuse me... after all the shit she's pulled, talking's not good enough. Her actions nearly killed this puppy. But throughout all this my boss has focused a blind eye in her direction. He offers myriad excuses when it comes to her. She can do no wrong in his eyes. I guarantee you that if anyone else had done this they would be immediately pulled aside, written up or fired. I myself have been literally yelled at for considerably less. For the record, I mistakenly gave the wrong formula dry food to the dogs, which he was absolutely certain would give them all diarhea. Needless to say, none of the dogs developed diareah as a result. But I never got so much as an apology for that.

I've really just had it with this person. It's so obvious she's not happy where she's at, she could care less about what she does, or the consequences of what she doesn't do. She doesn't give a shit about these animals. I can't work with someone with such little regard. I've just had it, she needs to leave. Straight out, quit or get fired... but she needs to go.

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