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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gone but never forgotten

In today's world, in this country especially the inconsistencies are enormous. The gap between two complete opposite courses of action is unacceptable. In one state, you can have a Michael Vick fighting dog completely transformed into a therapy dog, happily serving a constructive purpose and enjoying every minute of it. In yet another state (Ohio, specifically) breed specific paranoia has caused a local policy of mandating pit bull owners to surrender their beloved pets to animal control where they will be unceremoniously killed.

Now, in Saratoga Springs, Utah that same breed specific paranoia has ended with animal control again waltzing into someone's home and ruthlessly removing someone's beloved pet, falsely assuring the owners that nothing bad would happen to their Chow, Scruffy.

Within hours, Scruffy was dead and the same murderers responsible for the death are still demanding back fees, costs, etc.

Keep in mind that Scruffy's only offense was the urge to run. The dog never attacked anyone, never bit, attempted to bite, never bared teeth, never once acted as an aggressive dog.

I urge you to click on the video link below and hear the owner's story in her own words. Demand justice for Scruffy. Really, folks... this was WRONG. There must be some form of justice here.


Thank you,

~ Baileykix

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