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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Justice is SERVED.

Just got this notice in my inbox, thought I'd share it with you all here.
Marine Is Expelled From USMC For Animal Cruelty!

Today, in Honolulu, it was announced that Lance Cpl. David Motari is "being processed for separation" from the Marine Corps according to a USMC news release.

The 17-second video that was posted on YouTube in March was an instant topic of discussion. The clip shows two Marines joking before Motari hurls the puppy into a rocky gully. There was a yelping sound heard as the puppy helplessly flipped through the air. Besides being expelled from the Marine Corp, Motari also received unspecified non-judicial punishment.

The YouTube video was played hundreds of thousands of times before YouTube took it off their site because of a violation of the site's terms of use.

"In honor of the millions of men and women who have worn the Marine uniform, I feel that the Marine Corps has followed through and done a great job in dismissing David Motari from service. This should be an example that no one is above the law and everyone has a moral duty to uphold and represent our great country. It was you, the public, with your outrage who made this happen," replied Chris DeRose in response to hearing the news of Motari's dismissal.

The second Marine in the video, Sgt. Crismarvin Banez Encarnacion, also received unspecified non-judicial punishment. "The actions seen in the Internet video are contrary to the high standards we expect of every Marine and will not be tolerated," Marine Corps Base Hawaii said in a news release.

To watch Chris DeRose's (LCA's President and Founder) initial reaction to the Motari video visit www.YouTube.com

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