Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Paper Machete

That frustration flies pell-mell at all of us
like a rude pinata swinging through the air
on a vine from branches of some ant-infested
skeleton, hell-bent as it is with a vengeance
on creating conflict within the ranks,
undermining autonomy...
"Take that," it screams to the next in line.
"I'll grab what isn't broken and fix it up
even better than before, blasting out miscommunication to an unheard of level, the decibels of such
silence will burst the eardrums
for the lot of you.
Will there not be anyone willing enough to stand against me after this? This decomposed shamble of organization, this hollow shell you see imploding under the weight of pure idiocy
before your very eyes? Before I'm done here, there will be no weapon, no paper machete strong enough to cut
through my red tape.

(I know this isn't all that appropriate for the day, lol. But I had to get this out on paper last night. ... and after I told myself and others I wouldn't think about work on my days off, haha.)

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