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Monday, March 07, 2005

Awesome news today when I least expected it. I got my page proofs in an email from the publisher, to go over and return. That means "I Am Ready" will be ready and in print possibly as soon as the summer, and not the full year I'd thought. I'm so excited about this. I had to run and tell Robert, "Aw! You gotta come see this..." He was just as surprised as I was, that they decided to keep me in the loop and not make me wait again. I have to admit though, its hard to get a real grasp on the whole thing, I keep going back to the file, check and see if it's still there, lol. I'll definitely keep this updated, that's a given. :D


Steve B said...

Hey, that's great. Now go check again! :)

Bailey said...

Lol, I just did... sure enough its still there :)