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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I am so ready for warmer weather. Just yesterday, the sun was out and it was nice to stand outside on the balcony a few times in the afternoon... but always after a certain time approaching early evening, the slight chill comes back in tandem with the setting sun. I can't wait for the Spring, when you won't need a jacket just to sit outside. A rough winter, from all the ice storms and floods where I started out to a little milder here in the east. There was a major snow storm that followed me all the way out here though in early January, starting in St. Louis. That one dumped a couple of feet in some places.
Did some fine tuning on the new (though still amateur-like) website for the group, Bailey's Java Cafe. Its something of a newsletter for group members, to highlight what new projects they have coming up, any kind of news they want posted. So check it out, won't you?
Bailey's Newsletter
Always on the look-out for new poets in the group, or even those who just enjoy reading poetry.

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