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Friday, March 18, 2005

Well here's hoping everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day... That is, I hope everyone survived and is not too hung over.

Spring is two days away, and still hard to believe that Easter is just around the corner now in a few weeks. I'm all for that, the warm weather, being able to go outside and not need a jacket, spend time in the sun, and go for a walk just for the sake of going for a walk. I'm way more than ready for some decent weather, lol. And I have a feeling its gonna be a great Spring and Summer... A lot to look forward to, like my own book released in a few months as well ("I Am Ready"). I'm still waiting from PA on word about the cover art. Maybe sometime today, hopefully. But I really can't complain, I feel lucky that I didn't have to wait another year before they went ahead with it. After the move they seemed ok with picking up where they left off, so I didn't have to start the process over from the very beginning.

I seem to have two major prospects in the works regarding a JOB. One is (of course) the EVS slot at the hospital here, and the other is a supervisory position at the local mall. This one hinges on whether or not they decide to keep the current lead. I've never hoped for anyone to lose their job... but if they don't want to do it right... I'm right there to take it and not even think twice about it. Ruthless, huh?

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