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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Don't laugh - I was listening to ABBA nearly this whole weekend. Last night Robert and I sat down to watch a documentary on them and their music, Thirty Years of ABBA. There's now a stage production in several different countries, with the title of one of their songs, Super Troupers. I don't think they had a mediocre song in thier entire career, they were all hits. Well of course I posted the lyrics to some of my favorites of theirs in Bailey's, my poetry group. Every weekend there's a chance to post lyrics... so they were my choice this time.

Before that, we headed up to Target for some gardening stuff, came back with all kinds of supplies. I'm still amazed at how nice it is just to be able to go and bring something back for the house whenever you feel like it. I couldn't even think of doing that for such a long time. Its still new to me, but so nice. Already we have some flowering plants, geraniums and impaitiens, small pots of false aralia, and hedera ivy, which tends to climb so we got some bigger pots for them, a trellis for the ivy and a window box for some more flowering plants. Little by little its looking so nice out on the balcony. We go out there after dinner a lot to read and just sit and relax after work... I love that.

Finally caught up to the first show this season of Def Poetry. I am so exited by all that. It was Robert's first time to see anything like that, and he was duly impressed, I must say. I think he's hooked now as well, lol. Highlights: Avery Brooks doing a piece written by Ossie Davis, and Dave Chappelle doing some humorous bits about Ashton Kutcher. Next week I think they'll have Lemon on there, and Georgia Me. They're both good, but we're both secretly looking forward to seeing Suheir Ammad and Beau Sia. I'm tellin' you, don't miss any of these shows if you can help it. Def Poetry rocks.

Things are jumping at the Pet Shoppe, they got in about half a dozen new ferrets last Thursday, a baby conure, some cocatiels and enough parakeets to fill another huge birdcage. So things are getting busy... I'm trying to keep enough time left at the end of the day to be able to handle some of the added stuff they keep talking about. That would be the fish and reptiles. I'll keep the updates coming!

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