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Friday, June 10, 2005

Where Were You When The Muse Hit The Fan?

My boyfriend tells me
we gotta keep low,
can't sit on the front stoop like before
enjoy the breeze, a reprieve from the heat.
There's been a rash of death-defying
rhyme-bys lately in the area.

They could come at dusk
or just before bedtime.
A slow cruising Mazda
or BMW.
As in stop motion anime
or deja vu matrix time
unnaturally out of sync
like a mad Godzilla line.
The glass descends and there appears
a moon in the window by mistake.
Oh wait, its just somebody's face.

Someone yells "Run!" and we scatter like flies
before its too late and we get hit with bad rhyme
but now the sequence has begun and in the back of your mind
a little bird tells you:
Time... Is on my side... Yes it is.

And the Buffalo stance has dropped his Buffalo bomb
letting the chips fall short where they may.
"The one good thing about these rhyme-bys, Hon
is that Buffalos never have good aim."

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