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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Got a phone call from my daughter last night. Went to the balcony outside with the phone as it was turning dusk to continue the conversation, and as I was talking something like this landed in front of me... I remember all the years spent in Fresno they never had these, never collected them in jars as kids, just seeing them on summer nights was something I missed the entire time I was there. Then after I moved back to the midwest, problems and life in general became so chaotic I barely got the chance to enjoy it... Now that I can relax, let down some defenses, it seems almost a magical thing. I know it sounds cheesy, lame, sensitive, emo, whatever... But its my cheese, lol.
Anyway, my daughter sailed through an important job interview yesterday... things sound very prominsing... Its for a position in the photography studio at a local retail chain. Something in her field, which she has been wanting for so long. I'm really hoping they do call back like they say they will, because it wouldn't be just a job for her, it would be the perfect start to a career. So I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for this. She should hear something good by Tuesday.. possibly to start Thursday.. :) My son is still training as a housepainter, I really hope he sticks with it.. the only thing is the heat... he's just gotta learn to deal.. this is the real world after all. Take the criticism, and all the good intentions that go with it - he's always had a problem with that... hope he sticks with it. Its a trade, a steady job.
Me, I'm still happy with my job at the pet shoppe :) I'm really getting attached to some of those animals, getting more in tune with their normal behavior, still learning... what it means when they do this... there could be a problem if they do that... All in all I wouldn't trade this job for any other in the world.
The weather here was rainy all day yesterday, heavy downpours courtesy of what was left of hurricane Cindy... I guess today the Florida Keys are feeling the effects of Dennis by now... hope everyone in the area doesn't get hit with too much damage.
Baby cat's doing great, little mischievious stinker! Always going after my necklace and earrings, trying to pull them out... Pablo, the kitten's name is Pablo... I like it better, and besides it was my first choice anyway. Maybe I'll post some pics of him one day.

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