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Sunday, July 03, 2005

This is what's hanging on our wall next to the dining table... Robert told me they had some framed prints at the supermarket last week, so he alerted me also to the fact that there was only one of these in the whole mess of Elvis's, Sponge Bob Squarepants, Barbie, and I think there was even a Minnie Mouse if I'm not mistaken, lol. Turns out he hid it very well from anyone else but told me right where it was, so I brought it home the other day, after work. I've seen that pic before, years ago somebody had it on their Xanga, and I'd always liked it. So now it seems a stroke of luck that we actually have it there to look at when we come home. :)


Ted said...

Ms. Shaman

Your pictures don't show. And your blog is off center because of the PETA ad on the right side.

Bailey said...

Thank you Ted, for the heads up about the photo. I've been having problems posting and sending them on other sites lately... and well, it's not so much a PETA ad as much as an alert module on felony pet abuse cases.
Too bad you don't have a blogger of your own, or I could have responded there instead. Now I'll never know if you've seen the post.
~ Beth