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Monday, November 21, 2005

I have a question for all you folks out there in the stratosphere, blog-o-sphere, or just within reading distance of this post.

If there was a disaster in your area and you had to evacuate, and the local authorities told you that wherever you're going your pets wouldnt be accepted.... would you leave your pets behind, stay with them, or try to sneak them in with you anyway?

Apparently there are still hundreds of unclaimed pets from New Orleans in shelters and foster programs. I happened to catch an excellent show on PBS last night on the huge animal rescue operation caused by hurricane Katrina.
Katrina Animal Rescue

Just thought I'd pose the question, I'd be interested to know what the opinion is from different areas around the country. And just for the record... I could never bring myself to leave any of my pets behind to fend for themselves.

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Steve B said...

I'm the stubborn sort who refuses to evacuate so we'd stick it out together here. I doubt I could round up the Wild Bunch and take them with me anyway!