Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

Monday, November 24, 2003

I'm thinking about how different some people and siutations can be... There's a guy at work who's married and has five kids not yet in school. He works 8 hours during the day, then immediately goes to a nearby nursing home and does yet another 8 hours. Every day he does this, because he has to, to support his kids. Two full-time jobs, man. And then you see people who won't even support themselves, leeching off whoever they can, and complaining all the while about how tough it is. People like that have never had a tough day in their life. Like this other lady at work, who's husband was a veteran who served in Korea, made her life hell the whole time they were married. I don't see how she put up with all the verbal and physical abuse for the some seventeen years they were together, she must be a lot stronger person than most of us, I do know that. I guess she stuck it out till the end though, till he was diagnosed with major health problems and passed away. This lady always has a funny story to tell about those years, but this time there was some heavy stuff mixed in. Nobody had any idea it was that bad. Its the kind of stuff that makes you appreciate and respect a person more than before. Always pleasant to everyone, loves to talk, she'd talk your ear off if you'd let her. And then at lunch one day she adds these bits of seriousness to those funny stories. And you're left thinking, wow - would never have known. I don't know, just rambling on, myself, here. And on, and on....
More later, I guess.

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