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Sunday, November 09, 2003

There must be a Chief's game televised today. I can tell from the neighber downstairs. He invites friends over for the game, and today they've already started to gather for the "celebration" ... I hear the team is doing very well, and although I'm not a rabid fan, I'm surrounded by them at work, so its impossible not to hear how good they are doing. Personally I'd rather see a good Wizards game, now that's something I can really get into, but I'm having a hard time keeping up with them. I usually get all set to watch something... and then fall asleep. I hate when that happens, hahaha. Too much overtime, I guess. Anyway, I suppose there will be much cheering going on. Its funny, the mood of an entire town can depend on a sports event. Its kind of sad really, especially when the team loses, and everyone's kinda bitchy at work the next day. This lady Ginger, at work feels the same way I do about it. She says something like, "I really hope they win, cause I don't wanna deal with everybody's foul mood if they lose."

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