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Friday, November 14, 2003

So much overtime, so little time for anything else. It kinda seems that way, lately. But working straight through so many day translates very well on a paycheck. Someone got hurt at work, which is why I've been filling in for her all this time. People, people, watch out for those ramps and those heavy carts going down them, and for people stepping out in front of you... Well you know its like trying to stop a train, it just can't be done. And watch out for those busted wheels, too. I know quite a few people who have gotten hurt on the job recently.
Local bands... Fed Up from here in the KC metro area has a cd release party and concert tonight. This is the band that's currently in the midst of getting signed. Congratulations to Dustinn, Matt, Justin and their new member, Josh. Rock on with your bad selves, lol. I would have gone along with Laura and Jason, but they'll be late getting back and I have to work in the morning. Plugging away till the 21st, my next day off. Maybe then I'll have time to get some things done, like get my long lost acoustic restrung, work on some more writing, nurse this cold, hahaha.

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