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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

It was the best birthday cake this year, and it wasn't even my birthday.
There's a lady at work who'll bake a cake and bring it to work anytime one of us has a birthday... She had such a hard time with mine over the past few months. Understand that she lives downtown and walks to the bus stop every morning, then she walks another couple of blocks once she gets to Independence. One time she was distracted and left it on the bus, another time she was chased by a pit bull and wouldn't you know it, the cake happened to end up in someone's open trash bin, and she sure wasn't going in after it, especially not with that dog still hot on her heels. I'd keep telling her, it was alright, she didn't have to bring one, after all that.. But she insisted. So today she brought the best coconut cake. Made from scratch.. Wow. Cool... Double wow.. and I would imagine Dun Laoghaire knows the rest of that story.

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