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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Would you like some good news first or maybe the not so good news? Ok, and now for something completely different. I was hired for the perfect 2nd job I was hoping for. I start the 14th of this month. Perfect because its as close as my other job as I can get, right across the street.. and it'll still be daylight when I get off, which is good. I'll still get to see the light of day on my own time :D
My daughter's been in Canada last week, visiting a friend. I call this the trip from Hell. I swear she's had soo much trouble (car trouble) since the very beginning. I won't give all the details, but for the duration, it's been one thing after another. Well, now she's on her way home, and this thing happened yet again. So last I heard she was still waiting on assistance (after she called them a second time and found out they were headed in the wrong direction) How's that for an outfit who's expertise is roadside assistance? Lol. I will keep updates on this, till she gets home.. as I've been doing on my Xanga site, since most of her friends read that one... I was keeping them posted on the trip when she didn't have access to a computer. I suppose this is all for now... Unless I have some thunderbolt of inspiration in the middle of the night, and I'll have to get up to furiously post online... provided my son isn't hogging the keyboard then..

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