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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Well, it was a good day at work... No big shots or supervisors to get in the way of doing a job; in fact, one of them is on vacation for the next two weeks and we can all work without being spied on. And for once, they didn't short us on the linen this time (however, I'm still going to have to call tomorrow for some empty carts for us to use) They guy even came and took the dirty linen on time for us... which brings me to the close call I had this morning. Just outside the door to the dock, there is a long ramp to the right. I was sitting on the bench, and there were two other co-workers further down, at the end of the ramp. I just happened to look up and there was this cart full of dirty linen headed straight for me. Somehow it swerved and hit the wall next to the bench, but as soon as I jumped up, here comes another one. Luckily this one wasn't going all that fast so it could be stopped with no problem (or injury). Well anyhow, I counted that as enough excitement for the day, lol. At least it broke the monotony of an otherwise boring day. When things start going too smooth, it would seem the "gods of the "workday" like to keep us on our toes.

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