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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Disappointed in myself because I haven't been writing like I think I should.. not as much, anyway. I also haven't devoted much time to reading.. I've been on the same book now for what seems like a month. I've put it down... and it stays down. I'm off and away on junk time wasters, like crossword puzzles and just browsing the internet. I was doing yoga too, but I've gotten out of that for a little while. Maybe I'm just being lazy, or maybe its all just bad time management. :(

But on the other hand, I've started a new poetry group for us local writers in Cherry Hill. We've had two meetings so far and it seems to be working really well. They're actually just informal get-togethers, just to chat and discuss what's going on with each of us. This past Tuesday was the second one scheduled. We had it at Dunkin Donuts so it was nothing fancy, which is good 'cause its just a place to meet and relax.Eileen was there... Robert came along this time, I was glad, and he really enjoyed it. There was also another member to show up, Moriah. So all in all I think it was a great evening.

This weather... I keep waiting for a break in this cloudy, rainy... bleh type of days. They had a little reprieve from it a few days ago, so the apt. complex hired contractors to come repave the entire parking lot. But even then, they were rushing to beat the rain. Plus it's still chilly, jacket weather. I was thinking coming home from work yesterday - how its almost June now, but you can't tell it from all these lower temperature and chilly rain... just nasty, I tell you.

Oh, my son got me good... He posted on Xanga a poem (lyrics) I thought he wrote. And he let me believe that he actually did write them.. I was impressed. Until the next day he posted an edit on the blog that it was not his. Actually an old set of lyrics from Blink 182... one of their first albums, he says. I wouldn't have thought anything about it.. but he'd actually told me he wrote it. Oh then he says "yeah, but I had you going for a little while, huh?" Hmm.. not even a lie of omission. That bothered me.

Well, I'm getting used to the routine now at the Pet Shoppe... I still love my job. I'm going in every morning looking forward to dealing with the ferrets.. they are the most mischievious little buggers.. cleaning the cage, I can't get anything done because they're right there where I'm trying to clean, lol.. just as soon as you push them back, here they come again. One of the babies will even grab my sleeve and hang on while I scoop out the bedding. I guess you'd have to be there to see it. Lol, scoop, lift, dump... and he's hanging on to my sleeve the entire time.

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