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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Well my first week on the new job is over, and what great week it was... In between cleaning cages, watering and feeding everybody, getting the work area organized, I've had to hunt for a bird that escaped, been bitten by a rat, juggled ferrets and mice, (not literally, mind you!) and made friends with the resident Parrot. He'll sit on my shoulder all the while I'm getting food for the other birds.. still there when I'm sweeping up.. he's got personality, thats for sure. They're hoping to get him to start talking eventually. My goal is to teach him to say "Here, Kitty, Kitty!..." They want me to talk to the other birds too, so they'll get used to humans. I can just see it now, reciting poetry to them while I'm in there, lol. Not a bad idea actually. And the ferrets, those little mischievious creatures that they are... Every morning I'm telling them, "Hey guys, I'm trying to clean up here!" So I'm constantly pushing them out of the way, lol. But who couldn't love those little faces!
Thursday morning I found a wonderful card Robert had left on the table... (sigh) So sweet, that card says it all. And after work he had dinner ready, did the dishes. Later while we were watching something on TV, he's offering me a foot massage.. felt sooo good, too. Such a sweetheart, :)
The weather has been chilly this past week and I'm wondering what happened to Spring? I remember those few days it turned out really nice and warm, enough to where we even had on shorts out on the balcony. Well I'm hoping that the forecast is correct, that we'll get temperatures up in the 70's for next week.
I'm still trying to get a decent routine going, what with the new job and all. I have to settle in and find time to write, and up till now its been hard to concentrate on it. Robert tells me its just been the stress of not having a job for so long and the moving and all. And he's right, there has been a certain amount of stress with all that, I just didn't realize it. It was more that I didn't have a job, and it was taking so long to find one. But I'm really glad I was able to wait for a decent one that I knew I'd enjoy.. That way it seems less like "work" or a "grind" than if I'd stayed at the diner or even working at the mall in Moorestown. So it took a bit of time, but now things are working out, and I couldn't be happier! Well that's all for this update... Take care, everybody. I Bid You Good Day!

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