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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hey, what happened to the Spring? I know I'm still waiting for the warm weather to make an appearance... I also know that once summer is in full swing, I'll be wishing for some relief from the heat. Just wish it would get a little warmer soon. With all this rain lately it seems that it's cooling things down a little too much.

I'm still thoroughly enjoying my job at the Pet Shoppe. I still love the hours, the days are busy. Mondays especially, after those few days when hardly any of the cages get cleaned. So I've been told "assume nothing gets done" over the weekend; it makes for a very busy start to the week. But I wouldn't want to be working anywhere else, I just love it.

I haven't written too much this past week, poems or otherwise. I ended up quitting one of the poetry groups. I'm sure it steamed them to no end that I never posted all that much... but I didn't post any less in that one than I posted in any of the others and never got called down for it like this. Oh, well. It's better this way.

Robert popped in a DVD last night. A couple of weeks ago we watched The Lord of The Rings, since I've never seen any of them yet. Last night it was LOTR: The Two Towers, and again I was blown away by the scenery. Love the story too, I've never read Tolkien either. Next week we'll go for the third one, really looking forward to that.

These two cats, I swear... there's the one who can't get enough cat treats and always seems to be begging for another one. Then there's the finicky one who I'm sure he thinks the treats must be poison or something since he'll turn his nose up every time... But he's coming around slowly but surely, getting used to the idea of somebody new paying him attention. I've even got him to playing with one of the interactive toys now, when he used to run and hide from it. Lol.

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