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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Just realized I haven't posted in five days... I guess I was busier than I thought. Had a great week though. I'm at a place now where I can actually say I love my job... and mean it. I'm even getting used to the Parrot sitting on my head when I'm cleaning out his cage... Or should I say he's getting more used to me. And the ferrets. They sold one last week, they're down to three now. And also last week they got in several dogs and a few kittens, a couple of akitas and papillons.. well they sold the two papis in as many days. Cute ones they were.

The weather has been awesome.. more and more like spring now. It just seems like there've been too many false starts with the weather, but I'm hoping its stays nice like its been for the past few days.

Robert got another day off this week as well. I'm glad he's been able to do that, since it's supposed to be busy with people going out of town in the next couple of weeks. So I told him he should rest up for it now while he has the chance. I'm hoping that eventually he can at least take every other Sunday off now with me working, it'll even out with the money coming in.

Last night I had a horrible dream involving one of the ferrrets and a snake. Somehow one of the snakes got loose and also for some reason one of the ferrets was running around in the store... they both ended up in the back room in the doorway, but the snake was curled around the swinging door while the ferret had its back to it, facing me. So I reach to grab the ferret and the snake sinks its teeth in my hand, I had to physically remove him with my other hand and while I was doing that, the ferret thinks I'm playing so he comes back to where all the action is... I reach again to get him out of harm's way, and the snake bites me a second time. By this time I'm calling for somebody to come get the ferret. Finally one of the ladies comes back to get the little bugger and tells me "just be sure you get all the poison out..." What a nightmare. I'd hate to come to work tomorrow morning and there'll be a ferret missing. I'd almost be afraid to ask if somebody came in and bought one, only to find out that something else happened to it. :(

So... has anyone been keeping up with Survivor Palau this season? The finale and reunion is tonight... I'm thinking it's gonna be Tom who'll win. With the two hour finale and then the hour-long reunion, it's definitely gonna be quite the evening of TV watching. It's really gonna seem strange next week with Thursday nights free... we'll all have Survivor/CSI witdrawal. But I'm thinking next month will be the start of the new Def Poetry, so I'm really looking forward to that.

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