Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Aaaah! It's only Tuesday.. this is the feeling you get when you no longer enjoy your job, when you'd rather be anywhere else but there, at that place, when everyone you work with looks as tired and stressed as you feel. And you think to yourself, it's only Tuesday, there's at least three more days to get through till some relief. I detest corporations, they've always proven to be more trouble than what they're worth. I've seen the meltdown of places like this more than once, when faceless suits and sharp dressers with clipboards in hand, monitoring, in person, spying with gadgetry, the whereabouts.. at all times. Its surprising there aren't hidden cameras in the restrooms yet. Just to see who goes, and how many times, maybe even checking to see how many little squares of toilet paper is used, so they can counter that against the brand new furniture they buy for the lobbies, the lobbies ahead of the dirt we can no longer afford time to get to. All the while, they buy, they buy up a storm. See all those shiny new trash cans near the broken down elevators.. reminds me of mansions and shacks.. and it makes no sense to anyone but those who riddle theories with invisible ink.

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