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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Strange events and happenings in and around the hospital of late. We had a homeless character wander in one day last week creating havoc and making a general mess of things. First he stuffed his pockets with the decorative lava rock he found at the entrance, and used them to design a pentagram on the lobby's information desk. From there he went into the cafeteria, opened and dumped bottles of tobasco sauce over the tables and floor. Then he proceeded to the chapel, to pray... well, I guess the chapel represented the wrong faith so he set fire to the $200 bible that was sitting on the podium. All this took place before I arrived, so I certainly had my clean-up work cut out for me.. lol. The strange thing about it was, it was almost like he timed the whole thing perfectly, almost as if he knew where to go next, to delay his being caught. He did eventually get caught, the security personnel called for the police and he was arrested and taken away. And just a few days ago, strange too, that this latest corresponded to the full moon, we had some crazy flasher walking around in a trenchcoat. I more than wonder about that place sometimes, lol.
On a better note, some good news. Publish America has accepted my book, "I Am Ready." So excited about this, I was really happy when I first learned of it.. and I'm really looking forward to the whole process.

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