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Monday, March 22, 2004

The Pit

"Excuse me, I know you're busy
but could you please separate
the white from that egg and
cook just the yolk?"
Quizzical, a quick scan for the
source among a thousand starving
students having converged on me...
Why me? "Coach said eat heathier"
Oh yeah.. the tall guy, standing slightly
on the right in a letter jacket, a Bulldog,
one of the elite, star player, no nevermind
to me. But at least polite, unlike most so
I comply, and besides, takes less time than
to argue why I shouldn't.
And so it goes, day after day, inbetween
the trio shouts of "I wanna breakfast burrito!"
But I wanna hear that in unison... in unison.
So when their order comes simultaneously
(one more voice and they'd have a killer
barbershop quartet) I nod approval, give
thumbs-up and a grin, announce,
"That was awesome!"
and give extra sausage in each.
And then it happened.
Right hand person fired on the spot
for giving back verbal abuse to another
disgruntled failing student, and I'm left
all alone back here.
Next day the replacement caught by
the request of the health-food jock
puts him in his place.. No way can we
do that, too much time, not in the middle
of this rush... But if you come back earlier
tomorrow I could have the grains in your
wheat toast all picked out for you...

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