Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Whenever I come back to work after a few days off, there are more surprises. This last time, I found out that we had lost a few more co-workers. One had transfered to another location, and the other took an early retirement. One of the others told me the same thing, about coming in and finding out even more changes.. He told me the other day, "Well, I see your still here.." we both had to laugh about that, because the way things are going, there's not going to be anyone left in the place. Plus now, there sending people home early on days when it's slow in their particular area, not taking into consideration that someone else may be totally swamped in their area, with back to back dismissals.. the supervisor keeps telling us that we're supposed to be a "team" that's all well and fine, if you put the theory in practice, but the procedure now.. where's the teamwork in that? I'm just so tired of the miscommunications, when she tells us anything at all, it's the wrong info. So tired of the contradictions.. It's a total mess I want out of. I'm washing my hands of the whole damn thing.

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