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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Psych 101

And the lecture hall rang
with the shouts and cheers
of some one hundred of
the unprepared on exam day
when the lights went out.

So there he stands, caught
like a deer in a sideways
stream, the only source
of brightness is from
an open door...
Papers of essay questions
clutched in hand,
ready to administer
due process on a curve.

There he stands, still
unbelieving such reaction,
that thorough joy at the
point of escaping the hook.
Angry now, he stands
sizing up the crowd, lightning
from his eyes to match the
storm that caused this outrage.

"Ok," he says.... "Ok"
then turns to leave in a huff
and within five minutes, returns
with a box of some one hundred
pen lights.

-- Several years ago I took some classes at Fresno City College. This actually happened during a general psychology class. Well, everything except for the pen lights, lol.

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