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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Animal Abuse Rant

Inexcusable, well worth an angry outburst. I've had it with people who think they can get away with things like this... it happens everywhere. And again it's very close to where I live, both figuratively and literally. But as angry as I am, I found some good things to this story. One is the fact that the perpetrators and location are mentioned by name in the media...Yes! Let everyone know what monsters are on the next street or block... They deserve the unwelcome attention. Now it's only a matter of time before they're found. And two, judging from the article it sounds like the authorities are ready to make the charges stick. I really hope it gets to that point. I've seen so many cases where there's a breakdown in the system, (The "Boys will be boys" syndrome, if you will) where the abuser may get nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Or a witness is intimidated to the point where he or she drops the charges. Any number of things could happen between now and then; the point where someone actually serves jail time for an offense. I find it hard to believe that many people still operate under the umbrella of ignorance, claiming they didn't know that animal neglect and abuse is considered a crime now. So yeah, I'm calling for these two to be turned in. I'm calling for criminal charges and proceedings. I'm calling for jail time. For once, make an abuse case stick.

33 dogs rescued at Maple Shade house
Sunday, February 27, 2005

A neighbor's complaint about excessive dog barking led to the rescue Saturday of 33 dogs living in filth at a home here.
More than half the dogs were malnourished, said Matt Stanton, spokesman for the state Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Some had parasites, but all will recover, Stanton said.
Authorities are looking for Michael and Shirley Smith, the couple who had been renting the home at 130 W. Rudderow Ave., where the dogs were found.
Michael, 57, is believed to have worked for an auto auction in Philadelphia, Stanton said. Shirley's age is 55. Together, they will be charged with a combined 396 counts of animal cruelty, abandonment, failure to provide proper shelter and failure to provide proper sustenance.
The SPCA posted a warning on the house. After 48 hours, agents determined that no one had been in the home during that time.
Agents found 17 dogs locked in one bedroom. Stanton said five air conditioners were running in an effort to ventilate the home. The dogs were taken to the Burlington County Animal Shelter, where they are being treated.

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