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Saturday, February 26, 2005

I'm in a colorful mood today while I'm waiting for Spring... There was snow last Thursday, chilly today. Tomorrow will be alright, but Monday they say we're gonna get hit with more snow. A lot more.
I've been putting applications everywhere I can think of. Just yesterday I found just how close the hospital actually was... its like a ten-minute walk from here. Now I'm kicking myself for not going there sooner (instead of going all these other places by bus the next couple of towns over and having to transfer... and ending up lost, lol.) Well the good part is, there are positions open and I have experience in at least two separate departments. Some are part-time, some a full shift, and the hours would be perfect. I'm hoping they call early next week. In the meantime, I've gone to interviews at PetSmart and Pathmark, and should hear back from one of them soon too, I hope. Got another interview on Monday, hope the weather isn't too bad.

Has anybody been watching Survivor? Better catch it while you can, already two shows down and 4 members gone... Things happen fast on that show. Oh, and not to forget American Idol. This should get good, too as time goes on. But, oh woe is me... I have yet to hear anything about my absolute favorite show -Russell Simmons' Def Poetry. I'm wondering if they haven't actually cancelled it by now. :( Not a good thing.

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