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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Well, there were tornados in Sacramento... it reminds me of that movie "The Day After Tomorrow" when the weather everywhere went haywire. I still have friends in Fresno, just hope they're dealing with all the rain and mudslides ok.
I've been keeping busy with applications and interviews. Some places haven't worked out, but I'm trying to keep something happening everyday. Like this morning I was to go for an interview, so I called before I headed out. The guy told me his partner had already filled the position. But like I said, I'm trying to have something happening on a regular basis until I find something. I've been to Target, a grocery store, some places at the Mall. Today I went to PetSmart for an interview, hope they call me back for a second one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that, 'cause I would love that kind of work. They have a couple of openings so that doubles my chances, plus its so close to home... would be just perfect for me.
Home... I think the best thing I ever could have done was move here, away from all the stress and everything else, I don't think I've ever been as happy. I think back on how long I've wanted this this and how scary, how much of a risk it was... always knew it would be well worth the risk, and never imagined just how good this was going to be. So in love... I could touch his face, spend hours looking into his eyes.

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