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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Does anyone know what time it is? No, not Howdy Doody time, and certainly not Tool Time. Check the time, it's check time as the new Hockey season begins tonight. The ad promos on TV are in full swing, and Robert's really excited about the whole thing, since last season none of the teams were on the ice from the strike. Even I'm getting excited about it, and I've never watched hockey in my life. Either it has something to do with how ESPN2 ended up totally ignoring Soccer Saturday early on in favor of tennis... golf... college football. Curses to you, ESPN2 for denying me my Wizards! But something new to look forward to, this strange pastime, Hockey. Robert's got the jerseys ready to wear for game night, even I'm wearing a Flyer's shirt for watching the game. This could be a whole new world opening up, lol.

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