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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pre-dawn chilly with a blanket between us and the stars
which have slipped under thermal dark and gliding,
fallen to the surface in the form of rain...

And it's gonna be raining the rest of this week. I had a good weekend, Robert did too, getting two days off work in a row. I'm really hoping he'll be able to take more days off like that. We were even discussing some vacation days when it comes time,since now he'll be able to do that. But after so long working 7 days a week, it's hard to drag yourself back after a break like that... it tends to make you wish you had more days to do with what you like. Hopefully he'll get at least a few more before the holidays hit at the bakery.

Me, I'm still at the Pet Shoppe, and loving my job. Even when it means dealing with a few angry hamsters and at least one or two excitable, hyper ferrets. The owners have built a huge cage for the snakes in the small animal area where I work (also since its where we breed the rabbits, guinea pigs etc. it's aka the breeding room). And over the weekend have brought a couple of boas they were keeping at home. For the record, I'm not messing with the cage at all unless I absolutely have to, lol.

Hockey pucks! There's a game between the Flyers and Maple Leafs tonight... Let's watch!
We've also been watching a show on Monday nights called Surface, the past several weeks... has anyone caught this one by any chance? That with Hockey, Survivor reruns, Survivor Guatemala, and HBO's series, Rome, the TV watching has been a full schedule lately.

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Stranger Ken said...

The photograph is just beautiful!